Written At Rome Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Alone in Rome Why Rome is lonely tooA
Besides you need not be alone the soulB
Shall have society of its own rankC
Be great be true and all the ScipiosD
The Catos the wise patriots of RomeE
Shall flock to you and tarry by your sideF
And comfort you with their high companyG
Virtue alone is sweet societyG
It keeps the key to all heroic heartsD
And opens you a welcome in them allH
You must be like them if you desire themI
Scorn trifles and embrace a better aimJ
Than wine or sleep or praiseD
Hunt knowledge as the lover wooes a maidK
And ever in the strife of your own thoughtsD
Obey the nobler impulse that is RomeE
That shall command a senate to your sideF
For there is no might in the universeD
That can contend with love It reigns foreverL
Wait then sad friend wait in majestic peaceD
The hour of heaven Generously trustM
Thy fortune's web to the beneficent handN
That until now has put his world in feeG
To thee He watches for thee still His loveO
Broods over thee and as God lives in heavenP
However long thou walkest solitaryG
The hour of heaven shall come the man appearQ

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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