Caught alone in the clear vacuum
of the darkness pricked
by the thorn of moonless night,
I submersed into the flashes
of light that transcends from
the stars falling beyond the sky.

My journey conceals new dimension.
I stalked away
aching to explore and understand
my soul I discerned
in deep breathes of the larva
of the dainty cocoon of the light.

From cocoon I spun silk yarns,
woven the clothe and
tailored the satiny fashion
in harmony to my conceit
of appalling humanity I adored.
(wove the shawl to new fashion,
wrap my conceit
of appalling humanity I adored)

Utterly oblivious of the larva
like a split hair’s breadth,
it comes off the cocoon, lifeless.

The true soul of my own existence
in the messy emptiness
of shimmering iridescent glass.