Taking off my shoes
Entered into
The room of darkness
Like the shiny black satin
Slipped from her shoulder
Exposing the tender flesh
Hungered with living passion
Burning like hot red iron
Hammered to work out
The pattern of my poem
That shines like whitey silky moon
In the open sky at midnight

Fearing so much of
Hurting the silence
Shrouded in the dark night
I plunge my feet
Soft as petal and light as air
On the darkness -
No footprints glimpse on
Tender skins of her body,
But my feet burnt red
I didn’t care the pain
For the carnal beauty of my love
Hidden in depth of this darkness.

The night jasmine that blooms
In darkness of the night
Reveals so much beauty
In my eyes
In its bloom that breathes
So much sweet fragrance
But the humming of the death
Mused in my ears
Whirled I’m through the vortex
Of the darkness of the night
To let you hold me in her grasp -
Never I want to born again and again .