A meet with my fate

One day I want to meet my fate
Want to sue her
For stealing away my true mate
I want to meet my fate
Want to ask her
Why she did all this to me
Why, why only me?
Was it a bad omen when I was born

Oh god take away those novels and stories for me
I want to burn them all
In my mind they created world
Full for pleasure and love

When those things are no more a reality
It left me in a grief
I cry, weep every time
For those things were certainly never mine

I want to meet my fate
Want to apologise
For over rating myself and giving another one more time

I want to meet my fate
Want to hug her tight
Because in those long runs
She was certainly mine
I wonder how she played with me
Dismayed me
Yet made me happy
I was surely in love with her she wasn't real though
But she left me like anyone would certainly go

I want to meet my fate
I want ask to her why she did so
And certainly knowing the answer
I know she'll go off with a smile
And ask me for a another mile

This is my story with my fate
It certainly gets meaningless
Whom to blame?
I think I am build for something great
From all those pains
Which made me a believer
That I wasn't born for the thing I'm suffering from and
It's certainly not the end...
Pulkit sahu