Captain Captain Captain!!!
I see you no more.
On the gravestone were my words inscribed,
Above your body which lies like a mold in the grave.
Underneath the sun,
You travelled far through the world pacifying.
With your Rifle you subdued the stirrer.
Your hat marked an end to up stir,
With poison, charms, war and sickness you have dwelled,
In baying you found courage.
In death you got fortitude.
Death slams down in the midst of your conversation,
You who stood alone by the window where cannons and missile fly past,
When your best friend died in the war, you stood alone,
When you heard of your wife’s death, you still stood in the war for the country.
If a peon had fallen, it wouldn’t matter.
If a churl had been killed, we would have moved on.
I question if you’ve seen your friends for decades.
Your alertness saved me,
Your dexterity saved our country.
Until the last spill of your blood,
Until your trough ran out,
You stood to save us.
Oh captain!! Captain!! Captain!!
His lips are pale
His feet are cold
His pulse can’t be felt.
I, with a mournful soul,
Write to allay your heart,
I write to allay the tumult of your passion.