Priyadarshini Goel Forget Poems

  • 1.
    Beautiful as the moonlight gleam,
    She taught us, to work in a team.
    Not only did she teach us English as a subject,
    Always took us to an imaginary journey of each object.
  • 2.
    You inspire us every single day,
    With all the knowledgable words you say.
    Your wisdom always helps us cure,
    Your kindness, makes every heart pure.
  • 3.
    Very beautiful, just like a dream,
    Gives us awesome things, as sweet as cream.

    Nature gives us many things,
  • 4.
    A sweet little girl,
    Shining bright as a pearl.

    Always makes me smile,
  • 5.
    Really beautiful they appear,
    Let you forget all the fear.
    I love the beauty of nature,
    Its makes me forget about being mature.
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