She stares
He glares
Both looking at the sky
Wishing they could fly
So high without looking down
And not seeing people frown
But living a life of glory
With no need to worry
Thinking of how life would be nice
If people were not full of ice
And happiness flowing like a stream
Oh! What a wonderful dream
To see a world full of peace
And not seeing a broken piece
But in reality there's a flood
Full of blood
And people full of stain
Giving others pain

She cries
He tries
To make the world a better place
With everyone winning the race
And not looking back
Without having without having an attack
But having to see the young ones outside
Playing side by side
And the old ones happy
Making merry

She hopes
He hopes
Wishing the sad days that have come to stay
Would go away
Far away that they disappear
And never appear
They both ask
Will this day ever come?