I'm seventeen
Not so happy with what I've been
Trying so hard to fit in
Forcing to stay in the gang
Bang bang bang
Was all I sang
Unaware of the hole I created
Because it looked so decorated
Silver,gold and diamond plated
Slowly I went down deeper
With shackles and no slipper
Going towards the Grim reaper
Then I found myself in a room
So empty with no groom
So dirty without a broom
Crying on the floor
I couldn't take it anymore
Breaking through that door
Took a lot of courage
But I was filled with rage
Couldn't chill cause I had no cold beverage

No longer being a coward
I decided to move forward
And fight for the reward
I may be young
And I hope my days on earth will be long
But let me sound this ding dong
I've listened to stories of great men
How they were by then
And how they got trapped in the lion's den
One told me life could be easy
To make it, I've got to be busy
So that later, it'll be cozy
I learn from that man
Who makes the plan
Who pauses the fun
As I get out of the nest
I beat my chest
Saying I'm the best
I'm no longer the same
No excuses, no one to blame
Because I create my own game