The Weeping Willow On The Hill Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Have you ever wondered why the Weeping Willow on the hill WeepsA
Why when you walk up to her she leans over and protects you protects you from harmB
Why does she do itC
Did she know a girl onceD
Did the girl know something she shouldn tE
That the Willow shouldn t have told herF
Did they grow too closeG
Or was there a mistake too big to take backH
The Willow used to stand up tallI
The Willow used to Laugh not CryJ
The Willow didn t grow sad for just anythingK
And when she did grow sad she always came backH
She swallowed it wholeL
Not this timeM
This time it was permanentN
What happenedO
Every visit to the Willow you are granted one question that is if she likes youP
I used to not ask not wanting to pryJ
But one day I asked herF
Why do you WeepQ
And with the blowing of the wind and the chirp of a birdR
She answeredR
The girl broke her heart one dayS

Phoenix Moore
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/15/2020

Poet's note: You can read this poem, but you might never understand it, but try.


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