I catch a star, a hope, a dream,
And I put it in my pocket.
I see a light, a ray, a beam,
And I cherish every moment.

I pick, I blow, I wish on a dandelion,
And I hope it will one day come true.
I look, I search, I find a four-leaf clover,
And dream it finds you.

I write with you, I climb with you, we both dream a dream,
And I know you're more than what you seem.

"I see you in the moon, I see you in the stars, I see you in the clovers as we claim the world as ours."

We lay, we gaze, we see a star,
A star we both call 'απώλεια'.

As I watch with you I think of another day,
A day when we do not join the fray,
But a day when we find the way.
The day when we find the only key,
The key to unlock our destiny.
The key we once hid.