Who is that duplicate staring back at me?
Who is that shadow, taunting, teasing me?
I reach out and you fade away.
I shout and only hear an echo.
I wait for an answer, but it never does come.
I stumble,
And fall through the mirror,
And keep falling,
I stop the clock on the nearby tree,
I think a zebra just flew past me.
I float on the sun high above me,
Then I reach down and touch the unmelted snow, warm snow below me.
I scream, but I hear only my reflection laughing back at me.
I am losing my hold on reality!
A butterfly stings,
The floor is lava!
I’m on fire and look helplessly up at you,
I say “Help me up?” and you say,
I feel the world slipping away, I try to hold on, but it’s no use,
You trickle through my cupped hands like water, and I fall to my knees and cry.
My last wish is to die as me.