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Philip Morin Freneau (January 2, 1752 – December 18, 1832) was an American poet, nationalist, polemicist, sea captain and early American newspaper editor, sometimes called the "Poet of the American Revolution". Through his newspaper, the National Gazette, he was a strong critic of George Washington and a proponent of Jeffersonian policies.


Early life and education

Freneau was born in New York City, the oldest of the five children of Huguenot wine merchant Pierre Freneau and his Scottish wife. Freneau was raised Calvinist by parents who were part of a Presbyterian congregation led by a New Light evangelical, Rev. William Tennent, Jr. Freneau later attended a grammar school directed by Tennent. Philip was raised in Matawan, New Jersey. He ...
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Nature 8 Great 5 Stranger 5 Freedom 4 Space 4 Tear 4 Play 4 Thought 4 Death 4 Evening 4

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Rbrookhiser: tj as gw's secstate employed as his clerk philip freneau, editor of an anti-administration newspaper that tj and jmad promoted. when gw asked tj about attacks in it on ah, tj said of course he had nothing to do with them, but he was glad true patriots had seen through ah's wiles.
Iamacqui: boys will be boys antics. in addition to madison, lee’s schoolmates include aaron burr, philip freneau, and hugh brackenridge. all key players in events which were to unfold
Postbop3c: fave cemeteries for sleeping in when i was unhoused was 'the philip freneau poet' of the revolutionary war monument/cemetery. if i was ever stuck out in the burbs and needed to hunker down. graveyards were the quietest and most comforting. *flirting
Visceralbliss17: if e'er her cause require!-- should tyrants e'er aspire to aim their stroke, may no proud despot daunt-- should he his standard plant, freedom will never want her hearts of oak! /end “ode” ~ philip freneau
Ashutosh_1906: philip freneau, the ‘poet of the american revolution’, wrote a poem in honour of the ship: from an eastern prince, she takes her name, who, smit with freedom’s sacred flame usurping britons brought to shame, his country’s wrongs avenging.
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