I am a book that is often read upside down,
One which the world will never understand,
An unnoticed character you have no clue at all.

I am a lone ghost cast into your shadows,
Pale like a thirsty vampire in quest for blood,
I'm a pale shadow of my former character.

My mind is a perfect graveyard for my fears,
Burying my soul in timid grief and anguish,
It's a cancer that eats my nights at greater lengths.

I am a rose withering in an abandoned orchad,
Left behind unattended to and neglected,
Holding on to the wish that rain would come.

I am at war with my conflicted mind and heart,
A casualty in a war I know nothing about,
A depriving soul depressing on conflicting emotions.

I am an unpopular loner in the woods,
With untold dreams stuck in a dying heart,
Undying dreams in a shell of depression.

I am an unpopular song in your playlist,
One which it's lyrics sting when sad,
But battles your emotions and stress.