Every morning as the horizon births the sun,
She knows it's a fresh chance for a breakthrough,
To stand and fight for herself, an emotional battle no one knows.
Maybe we'll never know what she's been through,
It's hard to guess from the economic smile she wears.

A trip down the memorylane to those days,
Days she fancied the man of her dreams;
It was love at first sight...she used to say,
Like Darby and Joan, a perfect match.
Always had goose bumbs when she heard his voice,
Butterflies flew in her belly at his sight
And his voice cheered up the adrenaline in his spine.
Days became amazing as they connected,
And hunger grew for each other everynight,
They fell in love...all rather I'd say she fell for him.
It was a quench to her thirsty soul and heart.

I hear the first days in love are amazing,
Love was so blinding that she never so it coming,
She ignored his redflags with the idea that she was only jealous,
She had kept it to herself that she was the one,
Until when she realised that she wasn't the only one...
Just a miserable soul on a public seat.

I remember her smile started to crack,
The poor lover had confronted Mr. Lucifer
Only to confirm her doubts.
She cried and she grew as pale as a vampire,
She lost weight in a day
Looked like life had escaped her bones.
It was difficult to accept the facts and truths from the lies,
the man of her dreams was only her dream killer,
Memories of her fourteen weeks haunted her,
She grieved and had no sleep of the just.
He had no clue what she was going through,
He had no idea the sacrifices she had made for them,
He didn't care for her. He never cared at all
He was a Callous monster.

The one time vibrant soul had grown thin and pale,
The blood in her vessels froze,
Life escaped from her bones.
She feels like her life just hit a dead end,
She is wild and paranoid.
Her insecurities comfort her
While anxiety rests on her two shoulders.
What a sad ending...!

I'd say despite all the lies and tears she shed,
There's still a fire in her sunken eyes,
She wakes up each day with so little to hold on to,
She lives each day with highlights of Memories,
Depressing her fragile mind at greater depths.
She still stands to repaint her past,
She believes she can rewrite her story.
Her insecurities pile up scenes she can't finish narrating,
She writes so her voice could be heard in her magic pen,
She still fights to become a free spirit.