She is so beautiful
sometimes i take it fault that her dms are always full
her amazing character attracts the most even fools
her zeal configured with essence makes me want her rule
you know thats why I'm envious to the tune of a bull

inassuffocate na kunyonga design nacheki ma keyboard soldiers kwa yako DM
design awa wase wanaeza fanya niandike kwako security ya BM
wengine poets, artist na high end wanadai tu ukue na their name
kitu na value sana ni heart yako ju body na looks ni temporary

no one is indespensable so am I
the fact that i got you fear is at high stakes of me loosing you
i know whats good always will be sold first
since you my first I meditate that we will be unit to the last
its love we built not lust

mrembo ile design nge'dai kukukazia, the world is so free
kuna mikoba mob but unabaki kua wangu undisputed
laughing at how it all started
But now tushaifunga knot
never to be destorted