Standard Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


limitless opportunities life affordabilityB
seemingless and hyperthetical flawsC
stranded between the strawsC
branded a series of sharp jawsC
encroaching through the pavillion not understanding what affects the billionsD
pride as they say they better and stronger thanE
of course what is the cause life maybe needs aF
remote cause we cant cease to need the buttonG
pause cossy bossy chossy flossy it doesnt even cross theF
flashy cashy starshy rushy bushyB
thats then whats fed on the mindH
trashy lazy busy sassy thats even worse whenI
unvieled pumped upJ
grass grows green then brownK
shash grows green then dry greenerL
it happens because power just comes from theF
trek the star shines hrs fucking every day messy hessy chassy minus blessy thats alsoM
something thats seen day to dayN
regardless of theF
uncertainities still figure it that less treasureL
gravity does it derivate from grave maybe wont say this for it will eventualy stick to theF
face face it be one with it simply because our raceO
is amazingP
brain a socket in the medullaF
oblangata fairy singular as a fleet like the nebulla cashless the first restriction earning more mullaF
sticky the sauce is raw strictly the feet of aF
stinking ndulaF

Perez Bulinda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/15/2021


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