Poetry Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: AAAA BBBB CCCD

Poetry doesnt make that much moneyA
the more i hustle i get closer to me reaping the honeyA
siezi quit ju the first billion itakua raised I know nasound funnyA
categorically words comfort me vile nguna huchizia summer bunnyA
work daily paper chasingB
but bila poetry there is something am missingB
the words are intimate more than just kissingB
come on sijaanza am just teasingB
work load inagrow being enormousC
substance na scribble ink ni venomousC
i have to kill the paper for me to be famousC
its just a sketch Bulinda is in the main houseD

Perez Bulinda
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/19/2021


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