Paul Bewsher Blue Poems

  • 1.
    Above the clouds I sail, above the clouds,
    And wish my mind
    Above its clouds could climb as well,
    And leave behind
  • 2.
    The rich, red blood
    Doth stain the fair, green grass, and daisies white
    In generous flood ...
    This sun-drowsed day for me is darkest night.
  • 3.
    I love the little daisies on the lawn
    Which contemplate with wide and placid eyes
    The blue and white enamel of the skies -
    The larks which sing their mattin-song at dawn,
  • 4.
    That I were Keats! And with a golden pen
    Could for all time preserve these golden days
    In rich and glowing verse, for poorer men,
    Who felt their wonder, but could only gaze
  • 5.
    'Tis strange to leave this world of woods and hills,
    This world of little farms, and shady mills, -
    Of fields, and water-meadows fair,
    Upon some sad and shadowy day
  • 6.
    Around me broods the dim, mysterious Night,
    Star-lit and still.
    No whisper comes across the Plain,
    Asleep beneath the breezes light,
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