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  • To Hilda

    Now has rich time brought you a gift of gold - ...
  • The Joy Of Flying
    When heavy on my tired mind
    The world, and worldly things, do weigh,
    And some sweet solace I would find,
    Into the sky I love to stray, ...
  • Chelsea
    How many of those youths who consecrate
    Their lives to art, and worship at her shrine,
    And sacrifice their early hours and late
    In serving her exacting whims divine ...
  • The Fringe Of Heaven
    Now have I left the world and all its tears,
    And high above the sunny cloud-banks fly,
    Alone in all this vast and lonely sky -
    This limpid space in which the myriad spheres ...
  • Islington
    Here slow decay with creeping finger peels
    The yellow plaster from the grimy walls,
    Like leprous lichen, day by day which falls,
    And, day by day, more rotting stone reveals! ...
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Con the dead page as 'twere live love: press on!
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To biting blasts that are intent on me.

But if thy object Fame's far summits be,
Whose inclines many a skeleton o'erlies
That missed both dream and substance, stop and see

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