I feel you
I hear you
You are a part of me

I was born with you
As I listen to you,
You beg to break me,
To devour me

I acknowledge your existence
You are always there
You lie in wait and
You watch my every step

When the time is right
Like a great wave
You envelope me

You don't comfort me
You're not on my side
You destroy me

When it hurts the most,
You make me experience every last bit of you

I wonder
When you force yourself on me
Do you laugh?
Do you smile?
Do you enjoy it or it hurts you as much as it hurts me?

You, who is always by my side
I don't like you
Some may enjoy you
But not me
I wish you would stay away from me

From my heart, my mind or my body
You reach for my soul
You ruin me
I don't like you

You are pain