After Fifty Years Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Just fifty years my daughtersB
Just fifty years my sonC
Since your sire and I togetherD
The march of life begunC
It does not seem so long agoE
As half a hundred yearsF
Since hand in hand we started outG
To face life's toils and tearsH
And toils and tears too we have metI
Yet sunbeams oft have comeJ
Many and beautiful and brightK
To cheer our happy homeL
Sweet infant faces thro' the yearsF
Are smiling back to meM
And God be praised each precious oneC
Still at my side I seeM
Yet ye are changed my children threeM
Your baby bloom is goneN
And you are growing old I seeM
Grey hairs are coming onO
Yet when I musing close my eyesP
I see you as you wereD
In those old years when cloudless skiesP
Dropped sunshine on your hairQ
The patter of your busy feetR
Still rings upon the floorS
And song and jest and laughter sweetR
Float round me as of yoreS
Yet when I open eager eyesP
To watch your pastimes gayA
Your children's faces round me riseP
Yourselves have done with playA
And there was one a little oneC
Who slumbered on my breastT
I loved and cherished as my ownU
That dove that sought your nestT
And she is here I see her faceV
Among my own to dayA
Thank God for all the loves I traceV
Along life's devious wayA
And yet there's one we miss to dayA
The last to quit our sideW
The one who wandered far awayA
The day she was a brideW
Were she but here our chain of loveX
No missing link would showE
And every face we called our ownU
Would still around us glowE
Well half a century is I knowE
A long long stretch of timeY
And truly once we deemed it soE
When we were in our primeY
But as we've glided down the yearsF
They've shorter seemed to growE
And now how brief the time appearsF
Since fifty years agoE
And husband you and I have changedZ
Since that old wedding dayA
I viewed you then with partial eyesP
Fond girlish eyes you'd sayA
But were my eyes as keen as thenA2
And I allowed to scanB2
The handsomest of handsome menA2
You still would be the manB2
The man of men 'twas so I thoughtC2
Just fifty years agoE
When you and I joined hands for lifeD2
And yet I did not knowE
Half half as well as I do nowE2
How dear you were that dayA
And ever dearer still you've grownU
As years have rolled awayA
And still this fiftieth wedding dayA
I have thee by my sideW
An old man weary bent and greyA
My tall tree tempest triedW
And yet I do aver that thouE2
Art fairer in my sightK
As in thy face I gaze just nowE2
Than on our wedding nightK
And husband oh the best of allF2
We'll soon be young againA2
And free to tread with buoyant feetR
A brighter holier plainG2
We'll soon have done with pain and ageH2
And weariness and strifeD2
Soon end our earthly pilgrimageI2
In new exultant lifeD2
For you and I dear have a homeL
A mansion of our ownU
Where change and blight can never comeJ
And sorrow is unknownU
And soon we're going to enter inJ2
And with our Lord sit downK2
Heirs of His glory and His blissL2
His kingdom and His crownK2
Many we love have thither goneN
And soon we'll be there tooM2
And children you will follow onO
We shall look out for youM2
Oh may we in that blessed throngN2
Of saved ones robed in whiteK
Not miss a single dear loved faceV
That smiles on ours to nightK
Just fifty years of wedded lifeD2
In the dear past I seeM
Before us spreads not fifty yearsF
But all EternityM
And while 'mid ever deepening blissL2
The tranquil ages glideW
Still hand in hand and heart in heartO2
With Christ we shall abideW

Pamela S. Vining, (j. C. Yule)


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