Pallavi Deepchand Lost Poems

  • 1.
    Like a lightening, your love has struck me
    i think of you all the time my love
    I have been struck by the lightening of your love
    here comes your beloved
  • 2.
    As it something you do
    Am so lost Without you
    Baby i miss you
    So don"t go
  • 3.
    O Heart,Hold on,
    Find a reason to live,
    Don't get afraid of grief,
    Find the way to your happiness,
  • 4.
    Time stopped in a single moment,
    Once you gave me hand in my hand,
    Now I will go wherever you would go,
    I will be on your right side,
  • 5.
    The Heart loves ,how much you do not know,
    What is my hearts difficulty you do not know,
    I met you like the eyes,i lost my consciousness,
    I stayed intoxicated in your consciousness,
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