Pallavi Deepchand Life Poems

  • 1.
    For the sake of your love, I’ll give my life
    With a laugh, I’ll give up my faith
    I’ll give a new twist to what’s written in the stars
    In exchange for you
  • 2.
    Best Friends stick together till the end.
    They are like a pair of shoes that cannot be worn alone,but must always be together,
    The trust each other for a life time,
    It does not matter if you are apart or together.
  • 3.
    I have got you by great luck,
    I have stolen you,
    From the lines of destiny,
    My breath is governed by your love,
  • 4.
    With fragile threads tie me up with yourself,
    In between strong friendships,there are no distances,
    All this anger of yours is false,
    O love of mine,listen to my,
  • 5.
    Why is my life just a couple of moments long?
    For this kind of love,even ages aren't enough,
    Let me ask for some more time from God,
    I have to live just here,
  • 6.
    Come to me,
    Stranger's winds blowing coming towards me very badly,
    Giving me always the sense of coming to me,
    The feeling is calling to you in every way,
  • 7.
    The Heart loves ,how much you do not know,
    What is my hearts difficulty you do not know,
    I met you like the eyes,i lost my consciousness,
    I stayed intoxicated in your consciousness,
  • 8.
    Give me the support of living in your breath,
    I am obsessed in the deep ocean of your eyes,
    I got you that i believed is the God's support,
    I have got the permission in my life,
  • 9.
    You must want to spend
    The rest of your life
    With yourself.

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