Venetian Life Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The meaning of somber and barrenB
Venetian life is clear to meC
Now she looks into a decrepit blue glassD
With a cool smileE
Refined air Blue veins of skinF
White snow Green brocadeG
They are all placed on cypress stretchersH
Taken warm and drowsy from a capeI
And the candles burn burn in basketsJ
As if a pigeon had flown into the shrineK
At the theater and the solemn councilL
A man is dyingM
Because there is no salvation from love and fearN
Saturn's ring is heavier than platinumO
The block draped with black velvetP
And a beautiful faceQ
Your headdress is heavy VeneziaR
In the cypress mirror frameS
Your air is faceted In the bedroomT
The blue mountains of decrepit glass dissolveU
Only in her hands are the rose and the hourglassD
Green Adriatic forgive meC
Why are you silent VenetienneK
How can I escape this solemn deathV
Black Hesper glimmers in the mirrorW
Everything passes the truth is darkX
A man is born a pearl diesY
And Susannah has to wait for the eldersH

Osip Emilevich Mandelstam


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