I Don-t Remember The Word I Wished To Say Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I don t remember the word I wished to sayA
The blind swallow returns to the hall of shadowB
on shorn wings with the translucent ones to playA
The song of night is sung without memory thoughB
No birds No blossoms on the dried flowersC
The manes of night s horses are translucentD
An empty boat drifts on the naked riverE
Lost among grasshoppers the word s quiescentD
It swells slowly like a shrine or a canvas sheetF
hurling itself down mad like AntigoneG
or falls now a dead swallow at our feetF
with a twig of greenness and a Stygian sympathyG
O to bring back the diffidence of the intuitive caressH
and the full delight of recognitionI
I am so fearful of the sobs of The MusesJ
the mist the bell sounds perditionI
Mortal creatures can love and recognise sound mayA
pour out for them through their fingers and overflowB
I don t remember the word I wished to sayA
and a fleshless thought returns to the house of shadowB
The translucent one speaks in another guiseK
always the swallow dear one AntigoneI
on the lips the burning of black iceL
and Stygian sounds in the memoryI

Osip Emilevich Mandelstam


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