Le Reveillon Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: ABBA CDDC EFFE

THE sky is laced with fitful redA
The circling mists and shadows fleeB
The dawn is rising from the seaB
Like a white lady from her bedA
And jagged brazen arrows fallC
Athwart the feathers of the nightD
And a long wave of yellow lightD
Breaks silently on tower and hallC
And spreading wide across the woldE
Wakes into flight some fluttering birdF
And all the chestnut tops are stirredF
And all the branches streaked with goldE

Oscar Wilde


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  • Traducción Española: La Nochebuena Poema
  • Deutsche Übersetzung: Silvesternacht Gedicht
  • Traduction française: Réveillon Du Nouvel An Poeme

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