Fabien Dei Franchi Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


To my Friend Henry IrvingA
The silent room the heavy creeping shadeB
The dead that travel fast the opening doorC
The murdered brother rising through the floorC
The ghost's white fingers on thy shoulders laidB
And then the lonely duel in the gladeB
The broken swords the stifled scream the goreC
Thy grand revengeful eyes when all is o'erD
These things are well enough but thou wert madeB
For more august creation frenzied LearE
Should at thy bidding wander on the heathF
With the shrill fool to mock him RomeoG
For thee should lure his love and desperate fearE
Pluck Richard's recreant dagger from its sheathF
Thou trumpet set for Shakespeare's lips to blowG

Oscar Wilde


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