Dashing young phoenix with a unicorn’s horn as he makes his entrance.
Looking so perfectly flawless with the dash of bliss in that smile,
Making light of the moment and surfing the world for the moment;
Strung up by the compelling call of Mother Nature,
The life of the party and super high on ecstasy and sunny clouds.

Never one to stay around in one place but rejoice in the taste of a journey,
Makes the road his companion and says no to commitment,
Hate to fight for a belief just want a day to see a new ray
Refusing to commit to a full stop and make a one-time decision.

Afraid of letting anyone in because of his darkened past,
Has no trust in any human race but craves redemption,
Looking outward in the ageless space with eyes fixed in lust,
Erotic but not connected to the spree of the communion.

Spent countless night hunted by his mixed visions,
Drilling too deep for the common to understand,
Called a psychopath with no complete emotions,
Darkened by the quest of the cold steel beside his chest.

Dealt by the ageless fate of dilemma induced memories,
Trying to hush his demons and pluck down his fangs,
Fighting to break the shackles that tame his innocence,
Awaken the dream of an innocent lad from a far country.