Song From 'she Stoops To Conquer' Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Let school masters puzzle their brainA
With grammar and nonsense and learningB
Good liquor I stoutly maintainA
Gives 'genus' a better discerningB
Let them brag of their heathenish godsC
Their Lethes their Styxes and StygiansC
Their Quis and their Quaes and their QuodsC
They're all but a parcel of PigeonsC
Toroddle toroddle torollD
When Methodist preachers come downE
A preaching that drinking is sinfulD
I'll wager the rascals a crownE
They always preach best with a skinfulD
But when you come down with your penceC
For a slice of their scurvy religionF
I'll leave it to all men of senseC
But you my good friend are the pigeonF
Toroddle toroddle torollD
Then come put the jorum aboutG
And let us be merry and cleverH
Our hearts and our liquors are stoutG
Here's the Three Jolly Pigeons for everH
Let some cry up woodcock or hareI
Your bustards your ducks and your widgeonsC
But of all the birds in the airI
Here's a health to the Three Jolly PigeonsC
Toroddle toroddle torollD

Oliver Goldsmith


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