On Seeing Mrs. ** Perform In The Character Of **** Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


FOR you bright fair the nine address their laysA
And tune my feeble voice to sing thy praiseA
The heartfelt power of every charm divineB
Who can withstand their all commanding shineB
See how she moves along with every graceC
While soul brought tears steal down each shining faceC
She speaks 'tis rapture all and nameless blissD
Ye gods what transport e'er compared to thisD
As when in Paphian groves the Queen of LoveE
With fond complaint addressed the listening JoveE
'Twas joy and endless blisses all aroundF
And rocks forgot their hardness at the soundF
Then first at last even Jove was taken inG
And felt her charms without disguise withinG

Oliver Goldsmith


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