Epilogue To 'the Sister' Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


WHAT five long acts and all to make us wiserA
Our authoress sure has wanted an adviserA
Had she consulted 'me' she should have madeB
Her moral play a speaking masqueradeB
Warm'd up each bustling scene and in her rageC
Have emptied all the green room on the stageC
My life on't this had kept her play from sinkingD
Have pleas'd our eyes and sav'd the pain of thinkingD
Well since she thus has shown her want of skillE
What if I give a masquerade I willE
But how ay there's the rub 'pausing' I've got my cueF
The world's a masquerade the maskers you you youF
'To Boxes Pit and Gallery'A
what a group the motley scene disclosesG
False wits false wives false virgins and false spousesH
Statesmen with bridles on and close beside 'emI
Patriots in party coloured suits that ride 'emI
There Hebes turn'd of fifty try once moreA
To raise a flame in Cupids of threescoreA
These in their turn with appetites as keenJ
Deserting fifty fasten on fifteenJ
Miss not yet full fifteen with fire uncommonK
Flings down her sampler and takes up the womanK
The little urchin smiles and spreads her lureA
And tries to kill ere she's got power to cureA
Thus 'tis with all their chief and constant careA
Is to seem everything but what they areA
Yon broad bold angry spark I fix my eye onL
Who seems to have robb'd his vizor from the lionK
Who frowns and talks and swears with round paradeB
Looking as who should say D who's afraidB
Strip but his vizor off and sure I amM
You'll find his lionship a very lambM
Yon politician famous in debateN
Perhaps to vulgar eyes bestrides the stateN
Yet when he deigns his real shape t' assumeO
He turns old woman and bestrides a broomO
Yon patriot too who presses on your sightP
And seems to every gazer all in whiteP
If with a bribe his candour you attackF
He bows turns round and whip the man's a blackF
Yon critic too but whither do I runK
If I proceed our bard will be undoneK
Well then a truce since she requests it tooF
Do you spare her and I'll for once spare youF

Oliver Goldsmith


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