In love with an angel,
Stuck in an endless emotions,
Secretly drowning in a peaceful love
I'm diving too deep, I think.

Compressed between
I no longer protest a thing
For I'm surrounded by her presence
This river is flowing for good, I can tell

She took my heart away
Fulfilled my brain with her thoughts
And none of my walls is still standing
I cannot resist it, I know.

My heartbeat depicts all she possesses
I'm comprised by her smile
Her skin illuminates in the dark night
I am over flown with the idea of our sentiments.

Her touch and I dream at day
She brings stars at day and light at night,
Oh beautiful girl, the one who changed me
The only choice I chose to choose, I love her.

I am going crazy
Maybe I should go slow or lazy
Damn she's my lady
I'm dying to hear her saying "I'm ready"