The evening breeze blew off all his insecurities
And none of his demons survived
Once they arrived as usual at the seats of Mars.

Never knew he would be nurtured at his age
Until he ate from the witch’s palm.
It’s weird, how he froze and forgot about time!

High and happy, sipping on his favorite vodka,
Starring at her; he sighed and said:
“Truly, I love you; I will live and stay for you.”

Spells and magic, like promises and affection
Her words raised a confident spirit,
Hope and home for his vagabond soul: new life.

Never knew the meaning of smile-covered tears
Until she stood up and sat on his lap
Rhapsody of no orgasm: bliss from love by love.

He named her a witch, she calls him a diamond
And they hugged goodbye, after all.
Hmm I was there, I saw them, and I was the man