At the end of the day
Before we fall asleep,
Cheerfully staring at
Dazzling sky full of stars;

Enamored of herdimples,
Flawless smile, and word
Gorgeous couldn’tdepict
Howstunning she looked;
Ilaid my head in her arms.

Just like velvet to my skin,
Kisses on my forehead felt
Like a heaven,but that was
My last breath on the moon

Never knew it was the end
Of her love and my drama;
Pinned turning to archived,
Questions without answers;
Right butharsh, I let her go.

She came around, loved me,
Taught me how to be a man
Until I learned to ignore the
Value of her tears; poor girl.

With her,bliss was anything;
Xenawho tried to lift me up,
Yet I did not even notice her
Zeal for our love, I was blind.