In the midnight sun.
I could not see any dazzling lights
For I could see star dust.
I got only one pal who I can tell my stories
And hence forth my best friend.
But with the desire to see moonlight.

Today am only eighteen ,but I got a
bad composure as seen in my perspective.
And by chance then came you.
I had always walked alone.
But by grace,I trekked my life lane with you.
Too far in the darkest skies.
Wow I felt so alive as I got a chance I
Set out on a revolutionary.

Here I am in the last moments .
And delight was part of me.Cause
I had you by myside.
I feel so nothing like a barricade as
the stars in the moonlight.
I had to live eternally after dat.
The cancer claimed me and so I made
a clear will to the gods.
That we would meet one time..