My Beloved ,shenorl. Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I am a peevish though I can get alongA
with the persiflageB
Even if it were declamatory I would stillC
love youD
I abhorr nothing about you and I neverE
turn the apple cartF
I could wear a diaphanous for youD
to see my feminine curvesG
Am forced to have a coquettishH
smile cause I adore youD
Even if it were exile I would still loveI
I love you like a contingentJ
Even if contusion and the sight ofI
love becomes pity I would still loveI
Even if you are twins I would still chooseK
you for youD
Cheerio I wish our love is a centenarianL
Simply because your my alarm and my clockM
I love more than yesterdayN

Nisha Val
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 04/05/2020


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Nisha Val: This piece of work is based on the realities of the world.
I took the perspective and so decided to jot down
Its about a young girl who is so much into the man.And his beauty dederves no comparisons.

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