Choices Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


If i can't doA
what i want to doA
then my job is to notB
do what i don't wantC
to doA
It's not the same thingD
but it's the best i canE
If i can't haveF
what i want thenG
my job is to wantC
what i've gotB
and be satisfiedH
that at least thereI
is something more to wantC
Since i can't goJ
where i needK
to go then i must goJ
where the signs pointL
though always understandingD
parallel movementM
isn't lateralN
When i can't expressO
what i really feelP
i practice feelingD
what i can expressO
and none of it is equalN
I knowJ
but that's why mankindQ
alone among the animalsR
learns to cryS

Nikki Giovanni


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Khia reed: Keep pushing through whatever I guess
Shania stephens : Keep going no matter how things go even if it’s not what you want you do you will accomplish anything.
Eduardo Hernandez: i have no answer
Ashley Sanchez-Luna : Nikki Giovanni
emari ellis: hi nikki i think you read these please write back blm

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