From the rolling hills, with the valley's in between.
The majestic mountains with all it's peaks.
The fast flowing rivers with the deep canyons.
The massive deserts with sand dunes moving so fast.
The thick forest with flowers smelling sweet.
The grasslands with predators lurking around.
The oceans with water so blue, keeps on making everything new.

From icelands with snow so white and bright.
From farms with food abundantly good.

The churches, mosques, temples where we practice our beliefs.
The family's both far and near.
The cities big and small, the ghetto which never fall.

From crime that seem so out of time.
The marriage that make you run for the first carriage.
The fear that bring all the bad things near.
The genocide that makes the people run wild.

The witch hunt with accusations so blunt.
The disaster's that never hands out parcels.
The masses that never give reasons for the clashes.
The wars that never have a cause.
The hunger that allows everyone to plunder.
The sickness that claim so many victims.
The places not meant for all the races.

From slavery without any waivery.
From harbours with tall mast ships.
From trains that cross majestic plains.
From aeroplanes that fly through pouring rain.
From cars beaten and littered with scars.
From walking that never allows talking.

We forget these things over time, now we say all these things are mine, forgetting we were all immigrants at sometime.