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carpi2805: It was one of the few stories we told the same way.,Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl,conflicting-accounts, gillian-flynn, gone-girl, memory, nick-and-amy, stories,

BayAreaJonas: all this picture tells me is that nick jonas needs audition as flynn ryder

Flynn7897: A Nick Flynn favorite in college! Good on you Hounddogs!

_nick_flynn_: DRUMROLL…cover reveal…oooaaaah

Heartle55Prince: Johnny Yong Bosch Yuri Lowenthal Quinton Flynn Peter St. Peter Nick Apolstolides Zach Aguilar Ray Chase Kira Buckland Liam O' Brien Laura Bailey Troy Baker Crispin Freeman Jason Griffith Phil Lamarr Kevin Conroy Mark Hamill Jesse McCartney (if you know me you know why)

BladeoftheS: Nick Robinson called the Teachers Union extremists for not wanting a 8% pay cut. He is a Conservative and definitely an extremist, why is he pretending to be an Independent journalist and why do the BBC employ him?

knarpoet: “… We pollinate the fields because we are the fields.” (Nick Flynn / blind huber)

GamerJoeZ26: Da Bois Podcast: (DBP) Ep 167: Zoey 101 & 102 Actor Sean “Chase Matthews” Flynn

GTJGotNext: Masai in the last few years: - Traded our first round pick for Thad, who's currently getting paid $8M to sit on the bench (missed out on Kessler, Branham, Nembhard) - Took Flynn over Bane, Tre Jones, Nwora, KMJ - Commited to a core that's a play-in team at best

ruffninja: Nick Nurse let Malachi Flynn play the entire game challenge

DDawg71375067: Nick Nurse now has 2 favourite players on the team Fred VanVleet and Will Barton. How else can anyone explain Barton playing this many minutes with those kind of results. Banton/Flynn wouldnt play 10 minutes in a game nevermind multiple games looking lile that.

spaceofhippop: - being flynn (2012) as nick flynn - 12 years a slave (2013) as john tibeats - love & mercy (2014) as brian wilson - escape at dannemora (2018) as david sweat

cheesemeister97: Today's birthdays; Nick Lowe, Dougie Thomson, Robert Carradine, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jim Parsons & Olivia Burnette

BaileyC213: Nick Flynn in NECK

mighty_flynn: Amanda Petrusich: You’re right that profound grief quickly pushes you away from both certitude and indifference, which are unproductive feelings— Nick Cave: That’s right. Certitude and indifference. They’re the problems with this world.

MarinaPurkiss: Went on live TV… Talked about Brexit being shite Talked about how we need a grown-up conversation about rejoining And yet somehow… Despite Brexit being an unmitigated disaster Nick Ferrari can’t quite believe his ears…

Paul__Dawkins: I'm so angry on behalf of Malachi Flynn. Why even have him on the Raptors if Will Barton can be god awful and still start over him? Nick Nurse is the absolute worst.

Listofthings2do: Nick nurse stop playing Barton he is not working out lol, instead develop Flynn

tribelaw: If we’re Flynn’s enemies, then someone is a traitor. And it’s not us.

habsfanaticss: Controversial statement by expert Norman Flynn: He calls out Martin St-Louis and Nick Suzuki

DflowHoops: Nick Nurse would highly benifit from playing Malachi Flynn in this late March affair... after all Will Barton is not a point guard-and Flynn is the only NBA capable PG outside of Van Vleet. Instead he'll thrown him into the fire in the playoffs-and blame him. Hitler coach.

HawaMwenda26: If it had been a heart attack, the new,Nick Flynn,death, dying,

_nick_flynn_: AN ECOSYSTEM OF DREAMS…what a radical hopeful take by daniel bergner / go caroline

heem_brown: Matt Flynn? Jeff Janis? Micah Hyde? JK Scott? Nick Perry? John Kuhn? Need I continue?

emptywheel: Nordean lawyer Nick Smith is trying to push Agent Miller to raise issues that defendants have been prevented from raising (eg, informants). Dunno what this one is, but Biggs and Nordean were in touch with Alex Jones and Roger Stone, who knew well in advance.


hamidsa17475671: By the time I'm nine I know the world is a dangerous place.  I've heard whispers about razorblades in apples, about Charlie Manson and his family.  But no one is offering any clear information.,Nick Flynn,funny,

karamballes: Nick Triggle has a track record of questionable reporting, particularly on covid in schools His sister in law is a Tory MP

Thesoyit3213: If you're going to write about someone's life, you don't just use them for wallpaper. You have to honor and respect that life.,Nick Flynn,Life, Honor, You ,

Saskemax2147: If you're going to write about someone's life, you don't just use them for wallpaper. You have to honor and respect that life.,Nick Flynn,Life, Honor, You ,

EchoNewsJournal: Award-winning writer Nick Flynn giving reading March 23 as part of DMC Cultural Programs Series

mighty_flynn: Kinda obsessed with this Nick Drake cover lately.

thebarcouncil: The chair of the bar, Nick Vineall KC, said: “Lawyers represent their clients within the legal framework that parliament creates. Lawyers should not be associated with the causes of their clients" Read more here -

AMmkpa: Countdown to Midnight: A Novel (The Nick Flynn Series) X14VOGY

BNightengale: No official announcement yet but the probable starting rotation for Team USA for the first round games of the WBC: Saturday: Adam Wainwright vs Great Britain Sunday: Nick Martinez vs. Mexico Monday: Lance Lynn vs Canada Wednesday: Miles Mikolas vs. Colombia

KingDay__: Top 10 Greatest Packers QBs 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Bart Starr 3. Don Majkowski 4.Jordan Love 5. Matt Flynn 6. Seneca Wallace 7. Scott Tolzien 8. Brett Hundley 9. Lynn Dickey 10. Tobin Rote Honorable Mention: Kurt Benkert. Deshone Kizer Did I miss someone?

FQACC: Strikeout Leaders 1. Josh Hartle (WF) 31 2. Sean Sullivan (WF) 31 3. Jonathan Santucci (DU) 27 4. Chris Flynn (BC) 27 5. Rhett Lowder (WF) 26 6. Ryan Hawks (UL) 25 7. Wyatt Crowell (FSU) 23 8. Nick Parker (VA) 22 9. Brian Edginton (VA) 22 10. Greg Farone (UL) 21

FordFischer: Only one year after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking out alongside him, Nick Fuentes condemned her during his Marriott speech last night. He defended his original support for her: "You gotta work with who you got," he explained. "Slim pickins, alright? We said we loved…

DflowHoops: Nick Nurse ruined Malachi Flynn & now he’s ruining Christian Koloko. He cannot develop or trust young players. He is unfit for an NBA coaching job.

thebradfordfile: General Mike Flynn deserves the $50 million for being railroaded by the country he served. But Obama, Hillary, and Comey should be paying it.

sipes75ihh: Arctic Storm Rising: A Novel (Nick Flynn, 1) TE7KJCF

livedarts: Jelle Klaasen 6-1 Ricardo Pietreczko George Killington 6-1 Jitse Van der Wal Conor Heneghan 6-5 Nick Kenny Matt Campbell 6-4 Christopher Holt Thomas Banks 6-3 Graham Hall Karel Sedlacek (107.5) 6-1 Michael Flynn Robbie Knops 6-0 Arron Monk

BladeoftheS: Nick Robinson is busy defending vile Matt Hancock from the disgusting Oakeshott. Here’s a reminder of why.

GBNEWS: 'The Prime Minister said that the EU single market was special, exciting and attractive... If that's the case, why is he denying it to the rest of us?' SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn questions Rishi Sunak about the Northern Ireland Brexit deal at today's PMQs.

mbs59er: Currently reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and there are so many comments in the book that are striking. Example: Amy noted how few minorities were in Missouri so Nick claimed she craved ethnic window dressing with minorities as backdrops. This sums up White Liberals

Chrispictaker: “Even a life raft is only supposed to get you from the sinking ship back to land, you were never intended to live in the life raft, to drift years on end, in sight of land but never close enough.” -Nick Flynn, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City

DARlUSVEGA: how similar are our book bf tastes? 10% darius acrux 10% tristan flynn 10% ryder draconis 10% dante oscura 10% fox harlequin 10% saint memphis 10% nick bruin 10% raihn 10% casteel da’neer 10% rhysand

Ongourd: See also, accusations against: Nick Robinson Quinton Flynn Chris Avellone Alec Holowka

FoWHLNW6: Happy Birthday, Gillian Flynn. Nick's wife Amy disappears on their 5th anniversary. The police suspect Nick. An examination of his computer shows strange searches. He says they aren't his. Then there are the persistent calls on his mobile phone....

okon77qhih: Countdown to Midnight: A Novel (Nick Flynn, 2) K5A5JCX

pewtergod: I keep forgetting that Nick Fuentes was there at the STS thing with Flynn & Rudy & the Dominionist crazies. You will know them by the company they keep.

niknots10: A.G. Cook Brutalismus 3000 Charli xcx DJ shadow Ethan P flynn Floating points Gorillaz Hannah diamond Injury reserve Jockstrap King gizz Little simz Molchat doma Nick cave Opus kink PVA Q R Sleaford mods TAAHLIAH U Viagra boys Working mens club X (jamie) XX Yves tumour Z

scrumny: i got 4 nick flynn books lawl another bullshit night in suck city was so good i needed to read his poetry + 2 more of his memoirs!

willsommer: An Alex Jones associate warned him that white supremacist Nick Fuentes' movement is riddled with FBI informants who were flipped after Charlottesville. Great new reporting on the Alex Jones text messages.

BibingkaBaby: Can they stop hiring ugly men to play Flynn Rider at Disneyland!!!?? He’s the hottest prince and you keep hiring Larry’s and Carl’s. HE’S A TYLER OR A NICK AT LEAST!!

JWeisser88: ACC Top Pitching Performances for Saturday, February 18th Rhett Lowder, RHP, Wake Forest  10 K, 5 IP, 1 ER, 4 H, 1 BB Nick Parker, RHP, Virginia 10 K, 5 IP, 3 ER, 6 H, 0 BB Chris Flynn, RHP, Boston College  7 K, 6 IP, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 H

kyhssportszone: Notable Performances 2-16-23 Mian Shaw PTilgh 24pts Braden Fedders St Henry 29pts Matthew Resing St Henry 29pts Julian Flynn Brown 10pts 13rbs JayDarius Wilson Caldwell Co 20pt 11rbs Ferlandas Wright WEB 16pts 13rb Rex Blue Dawson Springs 21pts 11rb Nick Mosby Scott Co 21pts 11rb

TravelHeights1: Nick Flynn has been appointed as Hotel Manager, joining the exclusive Shangri-La Al Husn, a breathtaking clifftop retreat for adults located in beautiful Muscat, Oman. The Australian native joined in October 2022 from the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa,

flopchilde: Btw this is from nick flynn’s collection “i will destory you” i’m eating my dog rn he’s insane

powlowskikmszs: Arctic Storm Rising: A Novel (Nick Flynn Book 1) JUWQPR4

Patrici15767099: Please explain why Lin Wood would need to be a grifter.. The man that won a lawsuit from CNN for millions of dollars for Nick Sandmann. Why would Sydney Powell need to be a grifter..A woman that's won hundreds of Court cases including the great Gen Flynn.

mmariaspring: mine would be nick and charlie, taoelle, taradarcy, nick and jess, kathony, chidi and eleanor annnnnd rapunzel and flynn

heartsoverall: It’s moments like this I toast the writer Nick Flynn for his ode to drinking in the poem within the book, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. So, three it is for good luck.

heartsoverall: “…I say next one’s on me. I say bottoms up. Put it on my tab. I say one more. I say same again.” Nick Flynn, Another Bullshit Night in Suck City

kawhinot_: Nick Nurse is a Kawhi merchant. Siakam, Powell, OG, Derozan, FVV etc all flourished under Casey because he gave them minutes and believed in them as rookies. Flynn would be a much different player if he was coached by Casey.

_emilyoram: Untouchables by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn and Nick Davies’ Flat Earth News are great books on the subject.

urlkelley: in my nick flynn era

weatherednfaded: who remembers when nick flynn was my bf fr?

AndrewWittstadt: quick (and not anywhere near complete) list of great living American poets. Nick Flynn Diane Seuss Olena Kalytiak Davis Caki Wilkinson just to name 4 off the top of my head

hellocheriexo: “He rubs a lotta people the wrong way and he’s a weird dude” re: Nick Somewhere Eric Flynn is smiling…

_nick_flynn_: JESUS KNEW tonight fri 10 feb at tenri cultural institute 43A w 13th

stefan_fiore49: Why is nick nurse playing Flynn more than Dalano. Like come on everyone knows Flynn is ass

Daniele_Media: Masai Ujiri on Raptors' young bench pieces: "These guys need to play." Said he's had discussions with Nick Nurse about the team's starters playing heavy minutes. Repeatedly mentioned Malachi Flynn and Dalano Banton as guys that need more court time.

MissMitchieG: wr0temyway0ut:Favorite JATP character??? Julie Alex Luke Reggie Flynn Willie Carrie Bobby/Trevor Nick Ray

yasmeen89tj: Countdown to Midnight: A Novel (Nick Flynn, 2) 9ONHLOE

SislerSteph: Let’s look at another one: "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn is a masterful example of using curiosity to captivate readers. The disappearance of Amy Dunne and the question of her husband Nick's involvement sparks your curiosity and creates a sense of suspense & intrigue.

rebelsouffle: derek thinks the deputy director is the informant who killed agent thompson, emily and nick are still in swenden tryna rescue refugees, cal is on the compound trying not to get caught, flynn and his grampa at the farm house

peahcsun: nick and judy are kind of similar to rapunzel and flynn

sandibachom: 3) All the rallies had the same organizers and speakers. Ali Alexander, Roger Stone, General Flynn, Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, among others. I filmed them all. The first rally was Nov 14. A lot of MAGAs, a lot of talk of Jesus and a lot of Proud Boys

Melody12Of: Arctic Storm Rising: A Novel (Nick Flynn, 1) CTTEPHB

Mary_McCray: "You've got more light inside you than you think." - Philip Levine to Nick Flynn

Grolier_Poetry: Photographs taken after the Peripheries 5 launch on December 1st, 2022 with Darius Atefat-Peckham, Martha Collins, Nomi Epstein, Nick Flynn, Kythe Maryam Heller and Kyra Mo.

blackandwhiteom: Shangri-la Al Husn appoints Nick Flynn as hotel manager - Black & White Oman

_nick_flynn_: Track Premiere: Guy Barash “Jesus Knew”

gxzzi: Nick Nurse is a fraud, Malachi Flynn would be an All Star if he got minutes

ethankreutzberg: its gonna be dame time tonight. Siakam needs to be traded. Fred needs to be benched. Nick nurse needs to start Khem Birch, Precious, Malachi Flynn, Banton, and Ron Harper jr. The fact that they aren't our starting 5 currently means that the whole coaching staff needs to be fired.

_Swyxss: Soy Flynn, McQueen, nick y woody, que tiene ustedes simples mortales.

GTJGotNext: Nick Nurse just benched GTJ for Malachi Flynn

quiqonky: I love Julie Christie and Jonny Lee Miller but holy hell Nick Nolte and Lara Flynn Boyle are possibly the grossest on screen couple ever

aspiringpens: I’ll bring you one night, it’s where I go when I hang up the phone  ...     —Nick Flynn

handpecked: Just hit me with how much Nick loves Tron, did he name Flynn after Jeff Bridge’s character?

scarletjinn: Ali Alexander's text message exchanges w white supremacist Nick Fuentes, Rep. Gosar's chief of staff Tom Van Flein, fascist troll Jacob Wohl, a member of the Oath Keepers militia group, Gen. Mike Flynn’s seditious brother Joe Flynn & Roger Stone..

lise_latorre: I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Juliann Wheeler, Daniel Flynn, Nick Saele and Sarah Harris - they are all true Design System experts and great people and I am excited to see what they accomplish together!

mikethenavyguy: I'm not concerned with disagreement. Twitter has allowed conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, etc back on the platform. Please tell me why I should interact with Nick Fuentes or Michael Flynn or Baked Alaska? Exposing me to this hate is supposed to benefit me? SMH.

scrumny: started reading another bullshit night in suck city by nick flynn less than a week ago n i’m already over halfway through it

1crzydg: Alexander texted congressional staffers, GOP consultants, white supremacists, religious zealots and Oath Keepers, including Roger Stone, Joe Flynn & Nick Fuentes The texts underscore advance knowledge that Trump would send masses marching on the Capitol

moonbreeze2: Alexander's text messages show exchanges with ..Nick Fuentes, Rep. Paul Gosar's chief of staff Thomas Van Flein, .. Jacob Wohl, a member of the Oath Keepers militia group, Gen. Mike Flynn’s brother Joe Flynn, Roger Stone, and others.

ModernLoveme: His wife had arranged to match the people he knew, because stamps were free.The vase-breaker Nick Flynn continued to attack its internal organs.

madathefirst: So you guys put Flynn Rider/Nick Wilde stuff in our head at a very young age but still not okay with our "i can fix him" life style??????

snarkademic: "...I think of everyone as dead, moving through this ghost world, walking a tree-lined path, dressed in black, the memory of a lover as strong some days as the lover beside me." --Nick Flynn

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