No pearls on seashore lies
I surely rolled it wrong the dice
Despite planning deep dive
To fulfill life’s best drive.

Me harnessed much congratulations
Cup full that drowns my tribulations
While people drink to celebrate
I try iron-hard to recalibrate.

Heavens agree I desired too much
Hell stormed my luck to hush
I should have turned to God
Instead agonizing trash I got.

Honey, you see, brings vinegar
Puts your peace ‘n joy on the hangar
Mermaids the best gem knows
Water Beings perceive the glow.

No pearls on seashore lies
Nor glow on seesaw plies
Gordian complication now to dive
Deeper into the mocking wild blue.

It is pearl time to shine love
Time to display years of wisdom accumulated
At open day session formulated
To show-case marriage crystals.

Tested products of fidelity
Rolling lava of purity
Enviable wealth of luck
Fidgeting in marriage lock.

Thoughtful, insightful n empathetic
Anymore we keep out sympathetic
It’s 30 years of experience
Long indeed for science.

Come to us to learn pearl lessons
Not on the shore to pick again
But in the deep to gain
The precious gems of marriage.

It is pearl time to learn love
30 rugged years of endurance
Momentous investments of no assurance
I think we fail by Jove!

Know how tears transform into laughter
Turn heart-break to a lovely daughter
Quarreling whirls into comedy
Imagine years of elusive energy.

Pearl time for decisions and revisions
Expertise we gained for divisions
Waiting if the inevitable comes from heaven
That’s taketh regardless we be heathens