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Trained as a Lawyer and practiced as a journalist and then an environmental communications expert. Believes in God but adheres to no denomination preferring to take a bit of all. Loves reading extensively and writing about the fallacy of love. Full name, Peter Ngea Beng, aged 57. ...
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Ngea Peet Poems

  • Crazy Letter To God (by Ngea Peet)
    What's not bananas today?
    And who is absent in Lu's club?
    Lying in God’s Name
    Wars in He did not design ...
  • Roses In The Dark (by Ngea Peet)
    Do I know thee?
    I behold a gentle angel
    like a fragile rose flower
    Growing in mild breeze. ...
  • Father, Dad, Papa!!! (by Ngea Peet)
    Here he comes again like bad wind
    Put off the music, pull the Blinds
    Pick up litter, set in place the chairs
    Woe betides if unkempt be our hairs Pandemonium like perturbed ants ...
  • Lovely Marriage (by Ngea Peet)
    Like other couples we own problems.
    Except that ours belies our DNA
    Like many others we disagree.
    Except that ours is disagreeable ...
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Hem was a fogy, and Haw was a prig,
For both had the dull, dull mind;
And whenever they found a thing to do,

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