Since the day of our birth
We all have hoped for peace on earth

Peace for me and peace for you
Peace is even demanded by animals too

In today's world of fakeness
Everyone needs happiness

Some fight for control, some fight for land
Only few of them just need helping hands

Even the walls of hatread is not built by us
It is our ego which forces us to this

If God has given us a beautiful world full of peace
Then who are we to destroy it just for are greed

Peace is not a thing that we can buy
It is not even available on any tree or sky

Let's spread everywhere peace
Because it doesn't cost any rupees

We all know we are not different
So let's sign an agreement

Because our single step can change the world
That had been puzzled

So all you need is to spread this word
Take the help from dog or a bird


Peace is something you will find
All you need is to be very kind