The times are perilous
And phobia has heightened.
What do we have here?
A new diva, a new kind of medusa.
Her spells and tentacles have besiege the blue valley,
Making Her powerful, sharp and instantaneous.
Her Machiavellian flair and her odour is venomous
And her actions are seriously mischievous.
She rules over the blue valley,
She comes from bolae''s family,
She is the new queen of the ailments sister ship.

She is our new belle monster,
And her malicious and easy going venom
Makes the 7 Chambers tremble at her feet.
At the mention of her name kingdoms go berserk,
Seeking numerous ways to scare away
From her machiavelic made medusa visage.
Her scent is abrasive and her lips are super sweet toxic.
She is a queen and her off springs are fast multiplying.
Her progenies explore places and frighten different races,
Her seed germinates in different spaces and ensnare innocent faces.

The blue valley is besieged by her tentacles.
We are vulnerable at her apparition
Just like freedom fighters in manacles.
We all are experiencing her toxic charm
And how she sends us deep into our reposoir caves.
She reigns, she reigns and she reigns.
She is, the new damsel of bad fortune
She is, her fearcellency, royal fiend of the east,
She is The honorible Queen Vicod of Hanwu
crowned in the year 2019.

We, Sapiens have come under her sway,
As she has perfectly embalmed us with her clay.
In so many homes has she caused the feeling of dismay,
In so many places has she caused young blood to decay.
Due to her, All is now out of normalcy
and phobia is now the order of the day.
Every blessed day now is a new doomsday.