A child is born in the heart of Biafra
in the midst of a war-torn, hungry, and poor world.

A difficult existence and a heartless fate
even just getting through the gruel every day is a struggle.

Their frail, little frame
without anything to eat and nowhere to sleep.

Once brilliant eyes that are now dull and depressing.

They cry as they experience the anguish
Their innocence was taken away
their youth was snatched
forced to continue and to mature too quickly.

There is no time to fantasize or play.

In such a harsh environment, it's just endless toil
They are responsible for the failure of the system
Where venomous corruption and greed have taken hold
They live in a world that ignores their predicament
and abandons them to endure their suffering in the pitch-black night.
The suffering kid of Biafra
Their anguish was in vain, and their pleas went unnoticed.

A fact that cannot be denied.

Their suffering is genuine, and the future is uncertain
Therefore, let's remember the Biafran child.

Because of their genuine struggle and excruciating anguish.

May we cooperate to provide them with relief,
Additionally, give them a chance to live a life based on faith.