An eastern aphorism says
' In the fight of mighty bulls
Who get treaded and stampeded
Are their calves and heifers'

Whilst the mighty
Are enjoying taking selfies
of the Liberty Statue of the West
From the Great Wall of the East
The entire world is advised
to conceal their mouths under masks
Making the whole mankind
Mute and dumbfounded

Making all suffer the pressure
Of intolerable so-called pandemic Corona
cannot be enjoyable to you both
Undoubtedly you yourselves
are not left unhurt

Your competition of economy
And producing poisonous atom
Humming the songs
So arrogantly of your discoveries
Is what to be blamed most

Your vicious eyes of rivalry
And the rat race of greed of trade
Is on the way to total destruction
Of the entire human race in no time

Pray do not let your thumbs go down
Oh so-called Great Sovereign Leaders
The mightiest two of the mighty
from the East and the West
Save the world, nor bring to ruin

With utmost heed, consider the call of help
Deferentially beg of you the Great Twos
Kindly Liberate the World
from the pandemic annihilating Virus

By - Myo Win ( Vishnu)
Yangon, Myanmar
March 28, 2020