There was a time where even breathing was a sin
A period of sorrow where only apartheid was  seen
They lamented however no one was willing to listen
Regarded with disgust for being alert and certain
Annihilated for the pigment of the skin
Caged up so they don't go to school and learn
Locked up and used as slaves with no gain
Go in the arms of Morpheus tomorrow be the same story again
Given ineffectual tasks as pulverizing a mountain
A voice is a force one can use as a weapon
Hence they sealed their mouths  so they can not verbalize
You sigh they cause a holocaust if they realize
Forced to call even a  juniors  a bass
Descriminated by seniors treated with bias
They had to bow and smile when they pass
Given a devoir of carrying  a passi
Areas segregated so they can not pass
It's my Forefathers I'm reciting about
In case you are  wondering what I'm all about
The ones who were abominations for being them
Revulsion and repulsion was felt towards to because of their kind.
Sent them to correctional facilities so they can take the land.
The cattle, miniature treasures  and everything at hand.
Everything that glitters vigorously grasped from them
Besithi abazinto they are undeserving
Batsho bethi abazuva kwanto they are unmarinaqueving
The Sons and daughters of the soil
Who went through hardship and toil
Rivers are now filled   with their blood
(Exhaling woefully....)
I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to see your country free
Ndiyaxolisa you didn't get to know the taste of freedom
ke kopa tšoarelo you didn't get to go to certain places you were force to remain in peripherals
Ngiyaxolisa  you had to explain subserviently why the Celestial being made you in black
Nd khou humbela pfarelo  you didn't get to dance to the song that make us come together
Ke kopa tshwarelo  you did not get to see us holding hands as a one nation
Ndzi kombela ku khomeriwa you were brutally eradicated in  cold blood.
Your sweat sweat in the present is sweet
Your tears today are our vigor and vitality
Your fears this morning are our pride and confidence.
I salute you Comrades for the sacrifices you made
Ndinothulela umnqwazi for putting us first
Namhlanje I'm on the other side of the world
I detecte no repugnance nor aversion
Embracing my skin colour unapologetically
 I'm walking tall I submit to no human being
I've got a handful of right ezinye zindixakile Plethora of prerogatives  ezinye zindidikile
I hope you get the blague
So you can laugh and  guffaw something you never got to do .
GEMIURGE  bestow them thrones to flomp
Grant them Mbadadas to wander in glory
I pray you can see your struggle was not in vein
We are amalgamated :We are the rainbow nation
It's us who are making waves in the atmosphere under your name.
Long live Maqabane, Long live!!
Phambiliiii Ma-Afrika!!!a