I am  who is deserted
A no self made loner
Submerged in  salty tropical waters  
Sitting in a black corner as one apprehended
I wanna spill it all but no one to comprehend
As suppose a child is a rose must be nourished
But me  ,as if I  have no purpose I'm  disposed
I am denied my birth right 
I yearned  for love but severed plight
Just a glimpse of the realms of warmth I will delight
I'm Stuck with dreams that may never see the conceptual light
I  was never made a basic value
Daily I  take a dose  of deject
I am infested with niglect
In my world  darkness rules
And  sun  finds no way through
I am just  holding on for dear life.
Mama ditched me down the road
From the soil I came
She could not wait for my soul to return
Little did she know life starts  from the ground
When the clock ticks and goes around
From the dust I will rise and  be crowned
Dad had the audacity to repudiate my paternity. Now encircled by air of despondency for eternity.
I am deprived of saccharine childhood memories
The night  will rescue me in all likelihood
Hallucinations will save my bacon
Do not brood  I do not take ecstasy
A home is my altimate fantasy
I have to go  I am out of ink
My name is Neglected Child.