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The feelings of my heartA
The way of expressingB
Are poetryC
In the area of snufferyC
I want to dive that riverC
Are poetryC
Of my book of lifeD
Write a few words on pagesE
And made up of those wordsF
Beautiful drawingB
Are poetryC
The redness of the evening and the morning of dawnG
Beautiful beauty of the environmentH
Are poetryC
The fragrance and flames of flowersI
The melody of GunjanG
Are poetryC
An ambushed smileJ
Are poetryC
Seated on a dyingB
Life donations found in the last momentH
God's gift to a god worshiperC
Are poetryC
In the heat of the sultry sandK
Water coolnessL
Are poetryC
Thirsty poetM
Are poetryC
One discouragedN
Are poetryC
Autumn spring in fallP
Are poetryC
Love for mother's childQ
Are poetryC
The burden of the son on the shoulders of the fatherC
Are poetryC
The essence of my whole lifeD
Are poetryC
The basis of my livingB
Are poetryC
Realization of my existenceR
Are poetryC
The last end of my journey Journey of LifeD
To witS
My destinationG
Are poetryC
Someone's imagination is worthT
To say there is only one wordU
But see if the depth of the heartA
So the ocean is deepV
Are poetryC

Murari Lal
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/29/2019


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