The streets are empty, there are no sounds to be heard, 
The World is scared, the Pandemic has occurred. 
All we hear, read and speak is COVID, 
Oh gosh! This makes me so livid. 

Remember to sanitize and wear the proper gear
Do that, there is Hope to eliminate fear
Stay safe, Stay home in these scary times, 
Make sure to pray for the people with no pennies or dimes. 
Care about those in need, 
Don't be consumed by greed

Let our Nation stand together and remain strong
For only then, will we prosper and live long
Thank you, to all the selfless hearts who help our people night and day, 
You are remarkable, I must say! 
Come on World, we can do this together, 
United our Nations shall stand forever

Let us not forget the positives of this Quarantine, 
It is healing the World, making it clean and green
It has taken people from their busy lives, 
To STOP and realize, that only with GOD and Prayers can we strive. 

COVID, I pray that you go away and 
never come back on any day.