Who is Muhammad Zia

I am an 12 year old learner in Gauteng, South Africa. I love writing poems, it is my passion. I have written various poems, of which 3 poems have been published in the media in South Africa. I have also written a letter to the President of South Africa. ...
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Muhammad Zia Poems

  • Man Of Honour, My Abba
    You are the key to my heart,

    You are my life, my star,
    Your bright shine and golden heart can be seen from afar. ...
  • Unleashing The Fire
    When you are angry breathe in and out.
    Listen to this poem without a doubt.

    When you are angry you do all sorts of things. ...
  • Mom
    I am the sail, she is my tide,
    She is always there when I need her,
    She never leaves my side.
    Our bond is strong, our relationship is big, ...
  • The Unknown
    The streets are empty, there are no sounds to be heard, 
    The World is scared, the Pandemic has occurred. 
    All we hear, read and speak is COVID, 
    Oh gosh! This makes me so livid.  ...
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Muhammad Zia Quotes

  • "No matter how hard they try to push my wrong buttons, all they do is enter my code for success."
  • " The taste of your death will be the flavour of your life in this world. Ensure your spices in this life is tasty."
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